Application Integration is no longer a problem

Integrating applications from multiple vendors, with data in multiple formats, possibly residing on a mixture of on-premise and cloud platforms, is no longer a complex problem. Integration has become easier, more economical and more flexible than it used to be. The ease of integration means that the dominance of the integrated ERP software suite is … Continue reading “Application Integration is no longer a problem”

SmartLabel™: Product Information at Consumers’ fingertips

SmartLabel™ is positioned to change the way we evaluate and consume products every day. That is a bold statement backed by consumers, manufacturers and US Government regulatory agencies as each have a stake in making this initiative a reality. What is SmartLabel? SmartLabel™ is a tool designed for consumers to digitally access detailed product information … Continue reading “SmartLabel™: Product Information at Consumers’ fingertips”

Are software developers themselves resisting automation?

Last week I accompanied one of my sales colleagues on a meeting with a prospect.  My company provides software application development and integration tools and the sales meeting was with the IT team of an insurance company. The agenda for the meeting was a presentation and demonstration of our low-code RAD (Rapid Application Development) product, … Continue reading “Are software developers themselves resisting automation?”

Congratulations to 1WorldSync™ Power of 1 Awards Recipients, Announced at GS1 Connect

GS1 Connect 2016 launched with the 1WorldSync Power of 1 Awards, recognizing industry leaders for their transformational contributions to the market and community. LANSA would like extend special congratulations to The Procter & Gamble Company, The JM Smucker Company and ACH Food Companies, Inc. for receiving this award. In addition to their industry-leading direction, the … Continue reading “Congratulations to 1WorldSync™ Power of 1 Awards Recipients, Announced at GS1 Connect”

Product Information Revolution in UK Healthcare: Part 4

Happy Outcomes? This series of articles has looked at the various requirements and legislation supporting the automation of the UK National Health Service (NHS) procurement, product use and recording in electronic systems of the near £30 Billion of pharmaceuticals, device, consumables and services which are bought every year to support care delivery. This final article … Continue reading “Product Information Revolution in UK Healthcare: Part 4”