Major Release 3 (MR3/MjR3) — Simplified

If your head spins like a vortex when you hear the terms MR3 or MjR3, you’re not alone. From attributes and valid values, to validation rules and data migration, deciphering the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN) Major Release 3 (MR3) is like a neverending ride on a roller coaster. While you’ll likely continue to experience dizziness after reading this post, my goal is to simplify the mandate for you.

10 Years and Counting

The GDSN’s last Major Release took place in 2005. While still fully functioning, the GDSN wasn’t originally designed to meet today’s regulatory and digital asset requirements, including the Food & Drug Administration’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) rule or the European EU1169 mandate. The GDSN’s next Major Release, slated for May 2016, is a non-backwards compatible upgrade to the standard. The current communications protocols and rules in place today, including the synchronization of your data with 1WorldSync, will no longer work after the identified timeframe. Continue reading “Major Release 3 (MR3/MjR3) — Simplified” »


ABHI Regulatory Conference 2015

Countdown to the Medical Device Regulation – A LANSA Perspective

ABHIThe changes happening in the medical device world over the next few years fall squarely into the category of “quiet revolutions that will affect us all.”  The last time the European Commission updated and harmonised regulation across Medical Devices was in the 1990s - the huge leaps made in terms of technology would predicate some updating and tinkering to keep pace.  The changes that are about to be implemented go far further than that and seek to put in place safeguards that will serve the population’s health needs for at least the next 20 years.

Together with Bsi (The British Standards Institution), LANSA once again proudly supported the ABHI (Association of British Healthcare Industries) at their industry event – “Countdown to the Medical Device Regulation,” which was held 30th September at the magnificent new offices of CMS Cameron McKenna in heart of the City of London. Continue reading “ABHI Regulatory Conference 2015” »


Tradeshows and gym memberships: more similar than you think!

While preparing for the Fall COMMON Conference, I kept thinking about a recent conversation I had with the manager at my local gym. She said, “We’ve got cardio equipment, free weights, spin classes, and more. You can participate in all or none, it’s really up to you. You have to decide how much time you are willing to invest and identify the activities that provide the best results.” She had a valuable, yet simple point; you get out what you put in.

As a veteran attendee and presenter at IBM i events, my team and I work extremely hard to make every interaction count. Sometimes, though, we get sidetracked catching up with old friends, reviewing the latest product news, or applying last minute touches to presentations rather than soaking in all of the goodness around us.

Anyone who’s seen me knows I haven’t put a lot into my gym membership, so I thought I’d apply the “gym membership” mantra to this year’s conference and make a concerted effort to take advantage of all that Fall COMMON had to offer. Continue reading “Tradeshows and gym memberships: more similar than you think!” »


Technology has a place, and it’s not at your dinner table

Family Using Digital Devices At Breakfast Table My sisters and I grew up around the dinner table. We were fortunate enough to have parents that viewed mealtime as sacred. While my dad couldn’t get a word in if he wanted to – I guess being surrounded by three daughters and a wife will do that to a guy – we shared stories of our days, laughed and most importantly, communicated with one another. And we managed to get through meals without having a TV on, a cell phone buzzing or instant messaging on our computer dinging. Continue reading “Technology has a place, and it’s not at your dinner table” »


Raising the profile and importance of GS1 Standards for eCommerce

LANSA supports GS1 UK and fellow solution partners at eCommerce Expo 2015

GS1 eCommerce ExpoFrom June 2015 eBay sellers have been required to add product identifiers to their listings for a number of selling categories where the items listed are new or manufacturer refurbished. Product identifiers, like the brand name, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), or Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) make it easier for shoppers to find, compare and purchase products online. Amazon and Rakuten also require that product identifiers are supplied when listing items. Other marketplaces have also recognised the importance of product identifiers to enhance the shopping experience and have either launched or plan to launch initiatives to support unique product identification. Continue reading “Raising the profile and importance of GS1 Standards for eCommerce” »