The Thing about Testing

My experiences in Professional Services Consulting have exposed me to many different scenarios and perspectives of trying to implement business application solutions, both large and small scale. As the end user, the developer, the systems architect or the project manager the dilemma I am often faced with understanding is “when is something truly ready?”

When a developer says that they are “done” with a task, what does that really mean? I've encountered many varied responses to this question:

  • It works as you asked, but I haven’t quite finished this part.”
  • I think I’m done?”
  • I will be done when I’m finished.”
  • You test it, and you tell me!”

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Beyond Compliance and the FDA Unique Device Identification Rule – How to Achieve Global Standardization

As companies are faced with the challenges of managing Health Care information and are being required to comply with regulations in regional markets, many are asking: “Do we focus on regulatory compliance alone or is there a greater focus?”  If regulatory requirements can be met at the same time as business initiatives to reduce costs, increase patient safety and improve business processes throughout the supply chain, can we take that approach?  Can we have it all?

With the adoption of GS1 standards as an option to comply with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Unique Device Identification (UDI) Rule, medical device suppliers can achieve compliance and begin on a global journey towards labeling, identifying and exchanging item information with their trading partners, distribution networks and ultimately to end consumers and patients.  Adopting a global healthcare standard that meets regional needs is the ultimate goal.
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Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence and Trends in Data Analytics

Data, information, and evidence

Data is the foundation of information, information builds evidence and evidence allows you to make informed decisions about improving productivity, streamlining processes and understanding customers. You need data analysis tools to turn data into information from which you can gather the evidence required to make and support your decisions. Continue reading “Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence and Trends in Data Analytics” »


Is GMO Product Information on Your Radar?

During this time of year gyms are packed full of new faces that have all vowed to get fit, lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. In their lifetime, one-in-ten U.S. adults have signed up for a gym membership as a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, eighty percent of those who don’t make it through the first year quit the gym within their first five months. While the gym might not be for everyone, food manufacturers have taken note of health trends and are taking significant steps to meet the demands of today’s health conscious consumers who want to know the makeup of the food they purchase. Continue reading “Is GMO Product Information on Your Radar?” »


How to reduce support phone calls over the holidays

No matter how prepared you are going into the holiday season, it seems an emergency or two always arises. From baking catastrophes and “Honey, did you remember to grab the bag of presents?” to treacherous travel conditions and extended stays at the airport; even the most organized struggle to make the holidays picture perfect. Continue reading “How to reduce support phone calls over the holidays” »