Capturing, validating and maintaining GS1 and EU 1169 compliant product data for online retailing

The EU Food Information Regulation for Consumers (FIR / FIC) 1169/2011 law has been in place for over six months now. It affects all food manufacturers selling into the European Union, regardless of their origin.

For those who are not entirely ‘au fait’ with the Regulation, it covers the provision of product information and how it is presented to a consumer prior to purchase. Such information includes attributes like: nutritional values; ingredient origins; allergen declarations; expiry dates; storage instructions; etc. The Regulation is a means to standardizing food labeling and providing greater clarity to consumers about the products they purchase. If you enjoy reading legal documents then by all means take a crack at this. Your head will soon be spinning! Continue reading “Capturing, validating and maintaining GS1 and EU 1169 compliant product data for online retailing” »


ABHI eProcurement Conference

GS1 & PEPPOL Standards in Healthcare – The flip side, how ready and how prepared is the industry to react?

While I was away in Brussels at the GS1 Belgilux Forum, LANSA was also sponsoring an event closer to home – the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) eProcurement Conference, where the main topic was GS1 & PEPPOL1 standards in UK Healthcare. I entrusted my colleagues to report back to me after the event so I could share with you the key takeaways from the conference.

Exclusive & Focused

Fasken Martenu, ABHI member and leading international business law firm, was the host of this highly popular and oversubscribed conference. LANSA was among three sponsors for the event, all who were positioning vital technology and services that will be utilised by the healthcare industry to support the objectives of the UK Department of Health’s (DH) eProcurement Strategy. Continue reading “ABHI eProcurement Conference” »


Concluding GS1 Belgilux Members Forum 2015: Now for a bit of DIY and Gardening

I don’t mean putting that shelf up, repairing that broken chair leg, cutting the grass or even planting some seeds! It’s time for the inaugural Belgilux Do-It-Yourself & Garden Event 2015. This was the first dedicated DIY event that I have ever attended, and I was eager to learn what challenges exist in this sector around product data management, and how online retailing is threatening the traditional Garden Centre and the local Hardware shop.

The event was opened by Jan Somers with support from Piet De Lange, Sector Manager COMEOS, Piet De Coninck, CEO FEBIN, and Jerry Tracey, Industry Manager DIY & Garden GS1 Netherlands.

The first presentation looked at trends and challenges in DIY, and unsurprisingly there are many comparisons with other markets like Retail CPG. Neil Munz-Jones, Director mdj2 associates ltd, and Pieter Van Bastelaere, Sector Manager e-Commerce, COMEOS, explored how this sector is mirroring other markets with the demand for accurate data to satisfy the consumers’ desire to research and buy products online. Pieter singled out Screwfix Direct as a poster child for the future of DIY retailing while Neil talked about how the power has shifted to the consumer, as well as singling out the demand for data – describing it as “the new oil”. Continue reading “Concluding GS1 Belgilux Members Forum 2015: Now for a bit of DIY and Gardening” »


Day 2: GS1 Belgilux Members Forum 2015

Wow, I couldn’t believe it when I was handed the event registration and more than 325 guests were registered to attend Day 2's proceedings. That’s a huge turnout, but then again judging from previous GS1 Belgilux Forums, it’s no surprise. The content delivered each year is top-class and draws fantastic attendance from enterprises all across Belgium and Luxembourg as well as The Netherlands.

Hilde De Geest, President GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg, opened the event with a reflection on 2014 and set forth the priorities for 2015. A primary focus will remain on enabling consumers to make fully informed product choices, both on- and off-line. The accuracy of product information is the joint responsibility of food manufacturers and on-line resellers. To ensure the efficient exchange of product data between manufacturers and on-line resellers, GS1 Belgilux developed Trustbox. Manufacturers enter their data via Trustbox, a single point of entry, and resellers access this information through the same source, ensuring one common language is spoken. The success of Trustbox has been overwhelming, with over 1,500 companies using the system and nearly 60,000 items registered. If you are a consumer in Belgium & Luxembourg, and care about what you eat and drink, then Trustbox has stepped up to the mark providing a nation with EU 1169 compliant product data.
During the opening presentation Hilde recognised the sponsors of the event and gave special acknowledgement to LANSA’s presence and support as the Gold Sponsor, showcasing master data management (MDM) and product information management (PIM) solutions for both small-to medium  and large enterprises! Continue reading “Day 2: GS1 Belgilux Members Forum 2015” »


GS1 Belgilux Members Forum 2015

It was another great turnout for GS1 Belgilux at their annual members gathering. The venue was once again Tour & Taxis, the superb and gigantic, 100 year old ex customs clearance and goods warehousing complex. The location’s historical significance reflected the importance of this three-day conference, as enterprises from all across Belgium and Luxembourg as well as The Netherlands were in attendance. The diversity of this conference truly amazed me, especially because the organiser’s were able to so effortlessly present content in Dutch (Flemish), French and English. Day 1 was dedicated to the Healthcare industry and Day 2 and 3 were split equally between General Forum, covering a multitude of topics, and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) industry. Continue reading “GS1 Belgilux Members Forum 2015” »