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Martin is LANSA's CEO and as such is ultimately responsible for field operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Martin joined LANSA in 2005 having spent the previous 15 years working within the enterprise software market in EMEA and the Americas. Martin is a frequent speaker and published authority on trends in enterprise application development, modernization and integration.

They’re flippin’ something … but it ain’t burgers

There’s delicious irony in Dan Burger of IT Jungle breaking the story that finally lays to rest the ghost of IBM’s ill-judged campaign: “Sure there will be other jobs for programmers who don’t know Java.” Dan tells the story of long-time IBM AS/400 shop the Harry Fox Agency (HFA), where a couple of IT managers … Continue reading “They’re flippin’ something … but it ain’t burgers”

Redchester is the new capital of Switzerland

I may get berned at the steak by Swiss federalists for spouting hearsay, but I’ve heard some stories that I must share. Those clever Swiss folks learned long ago that being neutral can have considerable political and economic benefits. Why choose sides when you can carve out a profitable niche in the middle? This lesson … Continue reading “Redchester is the new capital of Switzerland”