Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence and Trends in Data Analytics

Data is the foundation of information, information builds evidence and evidence allows you to make informed decisions about improving productivity, streamlining processes and understanding customers. You need data analysis tools to turn data into information from which you can gather the evidence required to make and support your decisions. Today, companies can collect more data than was practical in the past, and do so at a faster rate from multiple sources.

How to reduce support phone calls over the holidays

No matter how prepared you are going into the holiday season, it seems an emergency or two always arises. From baking catastrophes and “Honey, did you remember to grab the bag of presents?” to treacherous travel conditions and extended stays at the airport; even the most organized struggle to make the holidays picture perfect. Adding to your personal stress, year-end presents countless business deadlines and tasks that have to be completed even before thinking of taking time off.