8 Principles of the Innovator’s Way

Evolving From the IT Cost Center to the IT Innovator (The original article appears in IBM System Magazine Power Systems) At a recent IT conference, I started chatting with the other attendees of an IT management track session. The exchange quickly turned interesting when we discussed a few key questions that most of us responsible … Continue reading “8 Principles of the Innovator’s Way”

How to modernize applications for business value

The sole reason that most commercial IT groups exist is to enhance the productivity of their end users and to deliver business value to those users.  Sometimes that raison d’être gets lost along the way. This blog is about application modernization that is focused on delivering business value to the end users, the people who … Continue reading “How to modernize applications for business value”

Tradeshows and gym memberships: more similar than you think!

While preparing for the Fall COMMON Conference, I kept thinking about a recent conversation I had with the manager at my local gym. She said, “We’ve got cardio equipment, free weights, spin classes, and more. You can participate in all or none, it’s really up to you. You have to decide how much time you … Continue reading “Tradeshows and gym memberships: more similar than you think!”

International i-Power Conference 2015

IBM i revival – A well attended event and an upbeat atmosphere The International i-Power Conference, hosted by i-UG (the UK IBM i User Group), is the annual gathering of IBM i enthusiasts from across the UK. As a proud i-UG member LANSA was one of 21 sponsors at this year’s conference. This event was … Continue reading “International i-Power Conference 2015”

5 Guiding Principles of Enterprise Modernization (part 3)

Thanks for joining me for my final post on the 5 Guiding Principles of Enterprise Modernization. So far I’ve covered the importance of delivering the best user experience, improving data quality and accuracy and getting information into the hands who need it. My focus today will be on how to implement continuous business improvements and … Continue reading “5 Guiding Principles of Enterprise Modernization (part 3)”