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Eden is the Vice President of Professional Services for LANSA in the Americas. Eden and her consulting teams have been implementing leading-edge eCommerce and modernization solutions for IBM i enterprise systems for over two decades. Prior to joining the executive team at LANSA, Eden was a computer science major, application architect, programmer and project manager, starting her career as a systems engineer for IBM. Over the last decade, she has contributed dozens of articles to industry publications and is a published author of both fiction and non-fiction. Eden has presented at conferences for both IT and business-focused audiences.

Legacy Asset Management and Transformation

Legacy Asset Management and Transformation is the practice of maintaining older application assets so that you can continue to derive value from your stable line-of-business applications – while executing a plan to gradually transform and possibly even replace them. A common goal with this approach is to move forward in a cost-effective, low-risk fashion. Many … Continue reading “Legacy Asset Management and Transformation”

Technology Trends – or Business Requirements?

How closely does the average IT shop actually follow emerging technological trends and the advice of leading industry analysts and the media in planning their budgets and projects? When Gartner says they predict large organizations will establish “cloudsourcing” teams or that future applications will be integrated with social technologies or that organizations will need to provide … Continue reading “Technology Trends – or Business Requirements?”

Reaching for the Sky – Cloud Computing

Number One on Gartner’s list of the “Top Ten Strategic Technologies” for two years running (2010 and 2011) has been Cloud Computing.  If your organization has not already begun to redeploy hardware or software resources to the Cloud, it may be in your budget for the coming year. In fact, “the Cloud” has become such a common term … Continue reading “Reaching for the Sky – Cloud Computing”

Project Health Check Review

If you’ve been working on a project with my Services team this year, you may have already experienced a new milestone that we introduced into our project delivery methodology – the “Health Check” review.   I’d like to share some of our thoughts behind introducing this into our methodology from my personal blog.  As with many changes in behaviour, … Continue reading “Project Health Check Review”

LANSA 2010 Solution Summit

The LANSA 2010 Solution Summit in Chicago opened with a fun-filled reception involving Wii-bowling, pool, ping-pong, and poker… not to mention, great company, good food and an open bar. The customers on hand were as diverse and interesting as they have always been at LANSA Conferences, hailing from a variety of industries and organizational sizes. … Continue reading “LANSA 2010 Solution Summit”