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Kevin Corcoran
Kevin is responsible for sales and partner channel management in the Product Information Management and GDSN vertical markets at LANSA. Kevin draws on his 25+ year accomplished track record in growing revenue, market share and profits in the highly competitive enterprise software market as an both an account manager and executive. His primary goal is to align solutions that match the business needs of prospects and customers to foster a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Why Attend GS1 Connect 2017?

With spring in the air, it is time to start finalizing plans to ensure your attendance at the most important annual GDSN community gathering, GS1 Connect 2017. The focus of this event is for industry leaders to learn how to better meet today’s business challenges and position their organizations to unlock tomorrow’s opportunities. Over this three-day … Continue reading “Why Attend GS1 Connect 2017?”

Congratulations to 1WorldSync™ Power of 1 Awards Recipients, Announced at GS1 Connect

GS1 Connect 2016 launched with the 1WorldSync Power of 1 Awards, recognizing industry leaders for their transformational contributions to the market and community. LANSA would like extend special congratulations to The Procter & Gamble Company, The JM Smucker Company and ACH Food Companies, Inc. for receiving this award. In addition to their industry-leading direction, the … Continue reading “Congratulations to 1WorldSync™ Power of 1 Awards Recipients, Announced at GS1 Connect”

Major Release 3 (MR3/MjR3) — Simplified

If your head spins like a vortex when you hear the terms MR3 or MjR3, you’re not alone. From attributes and valid values, to validation rules and data migration, deciphering the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN) Major Release 3 (MR3) is like a neverending ride on a roller coaster. While you’ll likely continue to experience … Continue reading “Major Release 3 (MR3/MjR3) — Simplified”

Is GMO Product Information on Your Radar?

During this time of year gyms are packed full of new faces that have all vowed to get fit, lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. In their lifetime, one-in-ten U.S. adults have signed up for a gym membership as a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, eighty percent of those who don’t make it through the first … Continue reading “Is GMO Product Information on Your Radar?”