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Marjanna is responsible for LANSA’s marketing activities in Asia Pacific, editing the LANSA Review magazine and writing customer case studies. Her career started as a COBOL and RPG programmer in the Netherlands, followed by 10 years as a developer, analyst and founding partner at PT Sistima, a small software house in Indonesia, which offered its own localized ERP solution and general IT services. After moving to Sydney, Australia, Marjanna joined Aspect Computing and later LANSA, where initially her responsibilities included consulting on data warehousing projects and developing LANSA training materials.

Shadow IT & citizen development – Love IT or Loathe IT

No wonder the IT backlog is mushrooming.  Many IT departments are struggling to deliver mobile applications, getting cloud-ready and other digital innovation initiatives, while also taking care of an unrelenting volume of maintenance. There is wide agreement that the ‘need’ for shadow IT and its more legitimized progeny, citizen development, is caused by IT not … Continue reading “Shadow IT & citizen development – Love IT or Loathe IT”

Seven pitfalls to avoid when you have to offer data exchange via FTP

(note: abbreviations are explained towards the bottom of this article) Most will agree that Web services and EDIINT data exchanges are architecturally more elegant than FTP. However, when you have business partners that cannot handle those protocols, that ideological stand is not helpful and you simply may have to send and receive files via FTP. … Continue reading “Seven pitfalls to avoid when you have to offer data exchange via FTP”

The eight most common reasons integration projects fail

Ninety percent of organizations still lack a postmodern application integration strategy and will continue to do so through 2018, according to a Gartner press release earlier this year. This lack of integration strategy and related skills is resulting in “integration disorder, greater complexity and cost” according to the same Gartner press release. So, maybe the … Continue reading “The eight most common reasons integration projects fail”

Application Integration is no longer a problem

Integrating applications from multiple vendors, with data in multiple formats, possibly residing on a mixture of on-premise and cloud platforms, is no longer a complex problem. Integration has become easier, more economical and more flexible than it used to be. (Editor note 27 Oct 2016: A better blog title would have been “Application Integration SHOULD no … Continue reading “Application Integration is no longer a problem”

Are software developers themselves resisting automation?

Last week I accompanied one of my sales colleagues on a meeting with a prospect.  My company provides software application development and integration tools and the sales meeting was with the IT team of an insurance company. The agenda for the meeting was a presentation and demonstration of our low-code RAD (Rapid Application Development) product, … Continue reading “Are software developers themselves resisting automation?”