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Mark Duignan
Mark Duignan, Principal Application Modernization Tools Architect at LANSA Product Center (LPC). Mark is one of the original brains behind LANSA's 4GL and Repository architecture, starting from LANSA/AD in the eighties (now LANSA for iSeries), RUOM (Rapid User Object Method, the predecessor of LANSA's current modelling tools), LANSA Open, Visual LANSA Framework and RAMP (LANSA's Rapid Application Modernization Method). More recently Mark has also been responsible for several major releases of aXes, LANSA's Web, mobile and cloud enablement solution for 5250 applications.

How to modernize applications for business value

The sole reason that most commercial IT groups exist is to enhance the productivity of their end users and to deliver business value to those users.  Sometimes that raison d’être gets lost along the way. This blog is about application modernization that is focused on delivering business value to the end users, the people who … Continue reading “How to modernize applications for business value”

The Desperate Project Manager’s Kit (DPMK)

I was reading Jurgen’s blog about scrum projects and again saw these issues: 1) Not following a business-driven approach to goals and priorities 2) Not delivering real value early and often In aXes/RAMP application modernization projects I refer to these two items as BV (Business Value). I think there is evidence that many IBM i … Continue reading “The Desperate Project Manager’s Kit (DPMK)”