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Paul McDonald
As Professional Services Manager for LANSA in the Americas, Paul has extensive experience across the LANSA product suite as both a developer and project manager. During the past 12 years, he has played a pivotal role in delivering efficient, strategic and often “bleeding-edge” business solutions for many LANSA clients. He’s also authored and delivered numerous presentations, labs and training sessions at LANSA, COMMON and other conferences. Prior to joining LANSA, Paul spent over 18 years working in the IBM midrange environment managing a highly successful outsourcing and applications provider.

Mobile in Today’s Enterprise – Reaping the ROI Rewards

If you have a Smartphone or tablet, when was the last time you used your home desktop or laptop? Why would you need to use these devices? You have access to information, emails, music, photos and social media all in the palm of your hand – and more importantly you do not need to wait … Continue reading “Mobile in Today’s Enterprise – Reaping the ROI Rewards”

The Case for a Workflow Solution

If you talk to any C-Level executive they are concerned with how to effectively and efficiently deliver their products or services to their customers.  IT is seen as one of the key components to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. The most successful IT solutions are technologies that meet these criteria.  They are pragmatic solutions where … Continue reading “The Case for a Workflow Solution”