Empower your Sales Force with Mobile Apps for ERP

Guest Blogger: Greg Johnson, Team Leader for New Technology at Mincron Software Systems Mobile applications that integrate with enterprise line-of-business applications may not dazzle your children like Angry Birds — but in the distribution world where margins are small and customer service is king, the benefits reaped from these less glamorous mobile applications may dazzle some … Continue reading “Empower your Sales Force with Mobile Apps for ERP”

Choosing Business Processes for Mobile Apps

Using Mobile Devices for Business The growing use of mobile devices has brought a new paradigm to software application design and development and also forced companies to discover new ways to publish and distribute information to employees and customers. The evolution of mobile devices has two effects. Firstly, it changes the way developers understand what … Continue reading “Choosing Business Processes for Mobile Apps”

Building applications for mobile devices

These days almost everyone has one or more mobile devices, ranging from Smartphones to tablets. From a business perspective, widespread use of mobile devices is useful, as it allows immediate access to information for employees who work remotely and/or travel frequently. Customers also have easy access to information about products and services. While the “App Stores” … Continue reading “Building applications for mobile devices”

The Business Challenge of Going Mobile

With the rampant explosion of wireless smart phone devices in the marketplace, it should be no surprise that more and more businesses are delving into the mobile world.  Whether it’s for productivity gains by arming staff with more ready access to data, or from marketing pressure to remain competitive and become more visible and viable … Continue reading “The Business Challenge of Going Mobile”