Executive Dashboards – It’s Not Technical, It’s About the Business

If you were asked to describe an executive dashboard, your thoughts might include words like: colorful, graphical, charts, and panels. Generally, these descriptions are correct. However, all of these “flashy” attributes accomplished with the latest technology are not what make a dashboard successful. A dashboard is a tool for presenting business intelligence clearly and concisely … Continue reading “Executive Dashboards – It’s Not Technical, It’s About the Business”

The Case for a Workflow Solution

If you talk to any C-Level executive they are concerned with how to effectively and efficiently deliver their products or services to their customers.  IT is seen as one of the key components to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. The most successful IT solutions are technologies that meet these criteria.  They are pragmatic solutions where … Continue reading “The Case for a Workflow Solution”

LANSA 2010 Solution Summit

The LANSA 2010 Solution Summit in Chicago opened with a fun-filled reception involving Wii-bowling, pool, ping-pong, and poker… not to mention, great company, good food and an open bar. The customers on hand were as diverse and interesting as they have always been at LANSA Conferences, hailing from a variety of industries and organizational sizes. … Continue reading “LANSA 2010 Solution Summit”

How to Justify Legacy Application Modernization to your CFO

There is so much talk about legacy application modernization that you could be forgiven for thinking that every old 5250 app has already been dragged into the 21st century. But you and I know that’s not true. In fact, a typical reader of this blog will be running at least one of their core business … Continue reading “How to Justify Legacy Application Modernization to your CFO”

Welcome to LANSA’s Official Blog Site

Although many in the LANSA family (employees, business partners and customers) have blogs on the Internet with informative content about LANSA initiatives, products and solutions, this is the first official LANSA blog. You can expect posts from a variety of experts within LANSA on a wealth of subjects as well as guest posts from acknowledged … Continue reading “Welcome to LANSA’s Official Blog Site”