Using SharePoint as a Project Management Tool

As consultants or IT providers to end user organizations, it sometimes seems that the old adage about the cobbler’s children having no shoes applies to the way that we manage our own application needs. Informal or ad-hoc methods of managing projects are no longer acceptable to project sponsors and management. Qualitative and measurable expectations for measuring systems development … Continue reading “Using SharePoint as a Project Management Tool”

iPulse 2010 Survey Results

The iPulse 2010 Survey, organized by LANSA, ran during September 2010 and was promoted to the global IBM i community via email, social media and publicized by all the leading industry media outlets like Intelligencer Magazine, IT Jungle, CIO Magazine and System iNetwork. Over 1,700 participants worldwide completed the survey, representing the views from a … Continue reading “iPulse 2010 Survey Results”

Six Steps for Successful Application Modernization

Guest Blogger: Mike Otey, Senior Technical Editor for System iNEWS magazine The IBM i is a highly successfully and ultra-reliable computing platform that’s in use in all kinds of businesses world-wide from order-entry, human resources, and education through inventory and distribution systems. I’ve worked with the IBM i system since the days it was originally … Continue reading “Six Steps for Successful Application Modernization”

Project Health Check Review

If you’ve been working on a project with my Services team this year, you may have already experienced a new milestone that we introduced into our project delivery methodology – the “Health Check” review.   I’d like to share some of our thoughts behind introducing this into our methodology from my personal blog.  As with many changes in behaviour, … Continue reading “Project Health Check Review”

The Information Explosion (and the case for Business Process Integration)

Rollin Ford, Wal-Mart’s CIO, earlier this year stated “Every day I wake up and ask….how can I flow data better, manage data better, analyze data better”. Not surprising when you consider that Wal-Mart processes over 1 million client business transactions every hour and manages databases over 170 times the size of the entire Library of … Continue reading “The Information Explosion (and the case for Business Process Integration)”