How to Justify Application Modernization to your CFO – Episode 2

In our last episode, our hero (you, of course) was preparing to make an ROI-powered business case for Application Modernization to your CFO.  We covered your current resources, your goals, and steps 1-4 in the process. This episode unveils Step 5 – Conducting a Project Scope. A Project Scope may also be called a Project … Continue reading “How to Justify Application Modernization to your CFO – Episode 2”

Redchester is the new capital of Switzerland

I may get berned at the steak by Swiss federalists for spouting hearsay, but I’ve heard some stories that I must share. Those clever Swiss folks learned long ago that being neutral can have considerable political and economic benefits. Why choose sides when you can carve out a profitable niche in the middle? This lesson … Continue reading “Redchester is the new capital of Switzerland”

The Business Challenge of Going Mobile

With the rampant explosion of wireless smart phone devices in the marketplace, it should be no surprise that more and more businesses are delving into the mobile world.  Whether it’s for productivity gains by arming staff with more ready access to data, or from marketing pressure to remain competitive and become more visible and viable … Continue reading “The Business Challenge of Going Mobile”

How Does Your Organization Manage Content?

Information Overload We are facing a crisis in information Management called  “the data deluge” by the Economist in a February 2010 study. A sample metric cited in the report is that WalMart handles 1 million customer transactions per hour and has 2.5 petabytes of archived data  (equivalent to 167 times the number of books in the Library of … Continue reading “How Does Your Organization Manage Content?”

Executive Dashboards – It’s Not Technical, It’s About the Business

If you were asked to describe an executive dashboard, your thoughts might include words like: colorful, graphical, charts, and panels. Generally, these descriptions are correct. However, all of these “flashy” attributes accomplished with the latest technology are not what make a dashboard successful. A dashboard is a tool for presenting business intelligence clearly and concisely … Continue reading “Executive Dashboards – It’s Not Technical, It’s About the Business”