Why Attend GS1 Connect 2017?

With spring in the air, it is time to start finalizing plans to ensure your attendance at the most important annual GDSN community gathering, GS1 Connect 2017. The focus of this event is for industry leaders to learn how to better meet today’s business challenges and position their organizations to unlock tomorrow’s opportunities. Over this three-day … Continue reading “Why Attend GS1 Connect 2017?”

Why GDSN Standards Matter

In 2004, GS1 launched the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to provide a common language and set of documents to improve the exchange of product information between trading partners. The goal was to reduce the number of individual connections used to exchange master data. To achieve this vision, standards had to be developed and agreed … Continue reading “Why GDSN Standards Matter”

Low-code Development: How Low Should We Go?

(The original article was posted on LinkedIn Pulse.) We are taught in life to set the bar high. But in the rush to accelerate digital transformation, is there a risk that we are aiming too low with our aspirations for next-generation software development? For all the talk of Shadow IT and Citizen Developers, IT pros … Continue reading “Low-code Development: How Low Should We Go?”

Congratulations to 1WorldSync™ Power of 1 Awards Recipients, Announced at GS1 Connect

GS1 Connect 2016 launched with the 1WorldSync Power of 1 Awards, recognizing industry leaders for their transformational contributions to the market and community. LANSA would like extend special congratulations to The Procter & Gamble Company, The JM Smucker Company and ACH Food Companies, Inc. for receiving this award. In addition to their industry-leading direction, the … Continue reading “Congratulations to 1WorldSync™ Power of 1 Awards Recipients, Announced at GS1 Connect”

Product Information Revolution in UK Healthcare: Part 3

The European Union and the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) It may seem that the EU interferes in our day-to-day lives, stories of bananas having to be straight, light ale having to change its name and ambulances having to be painted yellow to comply with EU legislation are vaguely amusing (and all, incidentally, untrue).  The hand … Continue reading “Product Information Revolution in UK Healthcare: Part 3”