Why Don’t Users Ever Know What They Want?

We’ve all been there. In the heat of an IT project – be it greenfield, modernization or just a little “tweak” – users provide you with their requirements. Everything seems to be so clear and obvious that you write up the specifications for the user, and they say it looks great. The project continues, and … Continue reading “Why Don’t Users Ever Know What They Want?”

How to justify IT projects to your CFO

This article is based on a series of three blog posts I wrote entitled “How to justify Application Modernization to your CFO.” Very similar cost/benefit justification principles apply to other IT projects, such as supporting users with mobile technology, extending your system to the Web, process automation and so on. But you could of course … Continue reading “How to justify IT projects to your CFO”

Empowering your Enterprise Systems Management Team to be Innovative and Best-in-Class

Your organization has systems helping manage enterprise-critical activities and information – and your team is the key to keeping these systems vital. Sustaining the rapid pace of business and technology is crucial to your company’s success. Let’s look at how you can make change happen and build knowledge within your team, empowering them to take … Continue reading “Empowering your Enterprise Systems Management Team to be Innovative and Best-in-Class”

Implementing New Systems – Get Involved and Stay Involved

In most decisions involving your business you carefully scrutinize all of the important aspects. You review the business justification, the costs, the return on investment and the plan for implementation. Then, as the activity moves forward, you have your staff involved to monitor activities, track costs, provide information, ask questions and generally gain knowledge that will be … Continue reading “Implementing New Systems – Get Involved and Stay Involved”

The Desperate Project Manager’s Kit (DPMK)

I was reading Jurgen’s blog about scrum projects and again saw these issues: 1) Not following a business-driven approach to goals and priorities 2) Not delivering real value early and often In aXes/RAMP application modernization projects I refer to these two items as BV (Business Value). I think there is evidence that many IBM i … Continue reading “The Desperate Project Manager’s Kit (DPMK)”