8 Principles of the Innovator’s Way

Evolving From the IT Cost Center to the IT Innovator (The original article appears in IBM System Magazine Power Systems) At a recent IT conference, I started chatting with the other attendees of an IT management track session. The exchange quickly turned interesting when we discussed a few key questions that most of us responsible … Continue reading “8 Principles of the Innovator’s Way”

Low-code Development: How Low Should We Go?

(The original article was posted on LinkedIn Pulse.) We are taught in life to set the bar high. But in the rush to accelerate digital transformation, is there a risk that we are aiming too low with our aspirations for next-generation software development? For all the talk of Shadow IT and Citizen Developers, IT pros … Continue reading “Low-code Development: How Low Should We Go?”

Tell-tale signs your IT environment is in need of change

You may have one of the smartest and most hardworking IT teams on the planet, yet still notice that something is holding them back from delivering business value. It could be the application development platform they are using. Tell-tale signs that it is the application development platform that is holding them back, include: Your programmers spend a … Continue reading “Tell-tale signs your IT environment is in need of change”