Workflow Solutions: Key Considerations for Transforming Inefficient Business Processes

Workflow applications enable users to actively participate and manage business processes across any or all areas of an enterprise. For example, a manager’s daily role may involve hiring decisions, PO approvals or expense reviews. Each approval may be linked to a myriad of systems within the enterprise. A workflow application would provide the manager with … Continue reading “Workflow Solutions: Key Considerations for Transforming Inefficient Business Processes”

Data Synchronization In Real Life

As my colleague refers to in his “One Click Away: Where Does the Data Article Come From” article, meeting trading partner and global data standards requirements is a daunting task for manufacturers and retailers today. I know first-hand, having worked on an implementation project for a supplier that sought to comply with GS1 standards set … Continue reading “Data Synchronization In Real Life”

Selecting a Workflow Management System for Your Company

When most people think about workflow they may think about a manufacturing process on a production line. And that’s really where the whole concept of workflow got started — when business and academic minds worked jointly to improve and control a process. Today, Workflow Management Systems (WFMS) have evolved to help manage the collaboration of individuals … Continue reading “Selecting a Workflow Management System for Your Company”

The Case for a Workflow Solution

If you talk to any C-Level executive they are concerned with how to effectively and efficiently deliver their products or services to their customers.  IT is seen as one of the key components to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. The most successful IT solutions are technologies that meet these criteria.  They are pragmatic solutions where … Continue reading “The Case for a Workflow Solution”